Solar wafer, cell prices rise as reports suggest state intervention could be near

Jul 28, 2022 07:01 PM ET
  • Solar wafer as well as cell prices have actually risen once again this week, with the price of polysilicon remaining to climb unmitigated.
Solar wafer, cell prices rise as reports suggest state intervention could be near
Image: Tongwei

Today's typical polysilicon price stood at around RMB296/kg --- consisting of China's 13% sales tax obligation, or RMB262/kg (US$ 38.76/ kg) without it-- as prices boosted by around 3% on recently.

Prices have now risen every week for almost 3 straight months, driven by a combination of solid need, prepared upkeep and also cases taking some production capacity offline. Prices are expected to continue rising via August up until upkeep timetables complete and also facilities restarted, elevating the prospect that prices will certainly appear the RMB300/kg barrier.

Some reports have, nonetheless, suggested that the Chinese government could be considering an intervention into polysilicon prices. Numerous regional reports have actually suggested China's Ministry of Sector as well as Infotech (MIIT) is discovering its alternatives regarding a feasible intervention, however it is uncertain what shape this may take.

In late 2020, when the price of solar glass surged to such an extent PV module makers looked for an intervention, the MIIT enacted a suite of procedures created to release new manufacturing capacity quicker.

The pinch in polysilicon pricing has continued to chauffeur solar part prices greater, with both LONGi as well as Tongwei confirming boosts to wafer and cell prices respectively today.

LONGi enhanced the prices for its solar wafers by between 3.2 and also 4.2% for August, proceeding a monthly fad for wafer prices to rise on the back of polysilicon expenses.

Wafer size 30 June 2022 Price 26 July 2022 Price % Increase
182mm RMB7.3/piece RMB7.54/piece 3.2%
166mm RMB6.08/piece RMB6.33/piece 4%
158.75mm RMB5.88/piece RMB6.13/piece 4.2%

LONGi wafer prices June versus July 2022

Tongwei too has enacted price surges of in between 3.2% and also 4% since this week, as the listed below graph highlights.

Cell size 1 July 2022 Price 25 July 2022 Price % Increase
210mm RMB1.23/W RMB1.28/W 4%
182mm RMB1.26/W RMB1.3/W 3.2%
166mm RMB1.24/W RMB1.28/W 3.2%

Tongwei cell prices June versus July 2022

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