Solar panels move off the roofing system on to exterior wall surfaces with Solstex

Sep 25, 2020 07:16 PM ET
  • Using the power of the sun through brand-new solar panel exterior for LEED credit rating and also net no buildings

Solstex, by Elemex ®, is a brand-new revolutionary solar facade system that makes it possible for designers to integrate light-weight photovoltaic panels into a building's exterior to produce renewable resource.

Replying to the requirement for environmental solutions in the structure industry, Solstex transforms sunlight into power by leveraging high-efficiency, weather condition resistant photovoltaic panels that not only reduce a structure's carbon footprint, but additionally earn LEED credit reports.

Solstex is a sustainable option from both an energy and a monetary viewpoint. "Solstex is the only exterior that actively benefits the atmosphere while supplying a roi," describes Hugh Lowry, Special Projects Engineer at Elemex ®. The monetary savings can cover the price of setup in as little as 5 years, depending on the project.

Solstex photovoltaic panels are made from thin-film cadmium telluride (CdTe) semiconductor technology encapsulated between 2 sheets of heat-strengthened glass as well as complied with the outside wall utilizing Elemex's proprietary Unity attachment technology. The Unity system allows engineers and building contractors to produce surface area veneers on the same aircraft while integrating the photovoltaic panels with rock, ceramic and also light weight aluminum.

" Solstex is ideal for high structures in urban settings where the footprint is decreased and the roofings are small," claims Lowry. "Solstex solar panels on the exterior makes net zero skyscrapers possible."

At just 3.5 lbs per square foot, Solstex panels are simple to install and also deliver substantially much more power than various other solar (PV) panels. The 16.9 W/sq. ft. results in over 420 W per large panel. Solstex presents an appearance of floating glass as well as is UV immune to keep appearance in time.

" The need to resource reliable, renewable energy is at an all-time high," explains Lowry. "Between the rate of solar boiling down and the requirement for environmental remedies in the power market, the time is right to present a structure product like Solstex."

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