Solaires and Genesis Tech JV Revolutionizes Indoor Solar Power

Feb 29, 2024 02:26 PM ET
  • Solaires and Genesis team up to revolutionize indoor solar power with high efficiency PV modules, meeting the demand for clean energy in the growing electronic device market.

Solaires Entreprises and Genesis Technologies have announced a Joint Venture to mass produce high efficiency perovskite PV modules for indoor electronic devices. Genesis will invest over $4 million USD in developing Solaires’ manufacturing site and providing production line equipment and personnel training. Solaires’ CEO, Fabian de la Fuente, expressed excitement about fulfilling customer orders with Genesis, while Genesis CEO Brian Yang highlighted the potential for new market opportunities through the partnership.

The collaboration aims to address the growing demand for clean, indoor solar power as the number of battery-driven devices is projected to reach 15 billion by 2023. Solaires’ PVModules offer superior performance, higher energy conversion efficiency (35% for indoor use), and a cleaner manufacturing process compared to traditional materials like silicon. The innovative product is designed to self-charge devices such as wireless keyboards, smart door locks, sensors, and IoT devices, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional charging methods.

What are the benefits of Solaires and Genesis Technologies' joint venture for indoor solar power?

  • Increased production capacity: The joint venture will allow Solaires to scale up its manufacturing capabilities with the investment from Genesis, meeting the growing demand for indoor solar power solutions.
  • Enhanced efficiency and performance: The high efficiency perovskite PV modules developed by Solaires offer superior energy conversion rates (35% for indoor use), providing a more reliable and sustainable power source for electronic devices.
  • Cleaner manufacturing process: Solaires’ innovative technology utilizes perovskite materials, which have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional silicon-based solar panels. This aligns with the increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.
  • Cost-effective solution: By self-charging devices such as wireless keyboards, smart door locks, sensors, and IoT devices, Solaires’ PV modules offer a convenient and economical alternative to conventional charging methods, reducing the need for disposable batteries or frequent recharging.
  • Market expansion opportunities: The partnership between Solaires and Genesis Technologies opens up new market opportunities for both companies, as the demand for indoor solar power solutions continues to grow with the increasing adoption of battery-driven electronic devices.

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