Smart Power, SMA Solar constructing 67-MWh battery in central Germany

Sep 27, 2022 01:43 PM ET
  • Smart Power GmbH and SMA Solar Technology AG (ETR: S92) are partnering on the construction of a 60-MW/67MWh battery storage space system in Eisenach, central Germany, to progress the assimilation of renewable resource into the power grid.
Smart Power, SMA Solar constructing 67-MWh battery in central Germany
Image: SMA Solar Technology AG.

The conclusion of the system is prepared for the third quarter of 2022, SMA Solar said on Monday. When operational, the Wartburg battery will be made use of to supply regularity containment book, prevented grid charges and intraday trading.

"The Wartburg battery-storage system is an essential part of a reliable as well as climate-friendly energy supply. The objective of the Wartburg battery-storage system is to secure the regularity in the utility grid, an integral part of a trustworthy and climate-friendly energy supply," stated Smart Power's managing director Thorsten Kloepper.

SMA is providing 20 turnkey system services with battery inverters and also collaborated medium-voltage technology to the project while Smart Power is developing the center as well as will certainly be in charge of its operation. The last establishes and also operates power administration and also battery-storage systems as well as offers scalable storage space solutions of over 1 MWh.

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