SMA releases upgraded, SunSpec-compliant Sunny Boy-US inverters

Aug 9, 2019 05:14 PM ET
SMA releases upgraded, SunSpec-compliant Sunny Boy-US inverters
SMA has unveiled a new and improved version of its Sunny Boy-US line of inverters, part of the company’s Power+ residential solar offering. The new Sunny Boy will offer the latest technology and include enhanced safety features to comply with current industry regulations.
“The new Sunny Boy-US line of inverters has been updated to meet the industry’s continually changing PV standards and safety requirements,” said Nick Morbach, executive VP of SMA’s residential and commercial business unit. “It is essential that installers have the best possible solar solutions and products to ensure their customers’ systems operate as safely and efficiently as possible.”
One of the key improvements in the next-generation Sunny Boy is the ability to integrate SMA’s new TS4-R-F module-level retrofit device, a SunSpec compatible solution that increases safety and delivers cost-effective, module-level shutdown. The Sunspec transmitter is factory integrated. No additional hardware or communication equipment is required for operation. It represents the fastest and easiest way to comply with NEC 2017 680.12, which is now being enforced. With this solution, installers leverage the open-source Sunspec rapid shutdown protocol, which has already been adopted by many leading PV technology companies.
Additional safety and reliability are afforded with SMA’s advanced AFCI technology. The company is the first to certify to the new UL Standard 1699B-2008. With the new certification, integrators and system owners will benefit from increased uptime and production as well as greater confidence that AFCI lab results will match field performance.
Power production is maximized with OptiTrac Global Peak maximum power point tracking technology, which provides string-level optimization and greater overall system value. Granular string-level reporting including voltage, current, power and DC energy also gives system owners a new level of insight. Coupled with the Sunny Boy’s new integrated wall mount bracket that accelerates installation, the new inverter represents the fastest and most effective solution on the market for shade mitigation.
In addition to compliance with NEC 2017, the new inverters are compliant with California Rule 21 Phase 2 and UL 1741. The new Sunny Boy-US also offers simple, selectable country codes for region-specific smart inverter functionality in areas such as Hawaii, California and the Northeast. SMA will continue to offer an optional cellular modem and revenue grade meter.
SMA’s proprietary Secure Power Supply function also returns with the new Sunny Boy models. Homeowners can once again access up to 2,000 watts of daytime opportunity power. Secure Power Supply is easily installed, taking only a few minutes, and works with the company’s TS4-R-S and TS4-R-O module-level technologies.

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