Slovenia: New solar energy plant to be built by HESS

Dec 4, 2020 01:56 PM ET
  • The intended solar energy plant would be the biggest of its kind in the country-- Slovenian firm HESS, a part of GEN Group, said that it plans to construct a 6 MW solar energy plant near its hydropower plant Brezice on the Sava river.

The solar power plant will be situated on the right bank of the Sava river, three kilometers upstream from HPP Brezice. It is a sediment dump location, gauging approximately 9 hectares, while the solar panels will cover 6 hectares. Part of the garbage dump need to be preserved for its primary feature-- for the disposal of sediments from the Sava river. Since the solar power plant will be built and also will be able to be moved if required, this attribute will be made use of to release brand-new debris disposal surfaces in the event that part of the landfill is filled up.

6MW solar energy plant will certainly be linked to the existing hydropower plant via a cord line and also will be considered as the fourth system of HPP Brezice. This meticulously thought-out crossbreed system is a specialty that has actually never been seen in Slovenia prior to. It is likewise the initial solar energy plant in Slovenia, which will transfer the created electrical energy to the 110 kV transmission network. Generally, nuclear power plant developed until now are linked to the 20 kV circulation network. This kind of link will certainly not just prevent the problem on the circulation network, yet will likewise better boost the stability of the 110 kV network in your area.

In the stated hybrid system, circulation build-ups will certainly also be utilized as energy storage devices. They will certainly be billed each day, as well as electricity manufacturing will occur from both solar and also hydropower plants. In the evening, when manufacturing from solar energy plants is not feasible, the possibility of clearing the storage tanks and hence increasing the manufacturing of electricity from water will be used. Such replenishment of renewable energy resources will be reliable and also all set for any adjustments in the network.

As part of the solar energy plant building project, HESS likewise intends to get economic gives to co-finance the acquisition and also installment of devices for the production of electrical power from solar power. The call for propositions is moneyed by the European Union with the Cohesion Fund with the certain objective of Increasing the share of renewable resource resources in energy end-use. The value of the whole project is estimated at around 4.3 million euros, and also as much as 20 % of qualified financial investment costs can be obtained within the aforementioned tender.

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