Slovakian staff launch PV data analysis platform

Apr 1, 2022 11:53 AM ET
  • Solargis has actually piloted the software with Spanish power firm Iberdrola
Slovakian staff launch PV data analysis platform
Image: Iberdrola

Slovakian firm Solargis has actually introduced a software platform created particularly for visualisation, quality administration as well as analysis of solar power data.

The Solargis Analyst platform has actually been established in-house by the Solargis data analysis team.

It intends to encourage solar engineers as well as decision-makers to enhance the efficiency of complex resource analysis, identify and take care of errors in dimensions, and also inevitably boost technological as well as financial decisions.

The platform has been developed by the team dealing with solar dimensions for over 1000 sites worldwide.

The early advancement procedure has been sustained by the solar resource analysis team at pilot customer Iberdrola, Solargis stated.

The platform enables individuals to deal with quality management obstacles, including unreliable, incomplete and inconsistently formatted data, while meeting need from the industry for devices especially based on solar physics and progressed data scientific research.

Iberdrola solar source analyst Elena Rodríguez stated: "As we aim to carry out best-practice solar measurement and data analysis advocate our growing worldwide asset base, it's crucial that we encourage our solar resource analysis team, to make sure that we can jointly have confidence in the quality of the data that underpins our critical decision-making.

" Solargis has effectively supplied a software platform that aids us satisfy this objective and also will certainly no question contribute to enhanced data quality criteria throughout the industry."

Solargis chief executive Marcel Suri said: "Solargis Analyst is a device that has actually been developed by solar resource professionals for solar analysts and also decision manufacturers.

" Our team grapples daily with the obstacles dealt with in reconciling inconsistent ground-based measurements with satellite time-series, and also we have actually aimed to distil 20-plus years of our experience in the field into software that will considerably increase the performance of solar data visualisation, analysis and quality management."

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