Siemens and Engie prepare 12 MW green hydrogen as well as gas project in France

Jun 2, 2020 05:06 PM ET
  • A EUR15.2 million power-to-X-to-power hydrogen storage center is being planned in Saillat-sur-Vienne, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The project partners want to utilize renewable energy from the grid and water to produce and save electrolyzed hydrogen. It would then be blended with gas to power an updated, 12 MW Siemens SGT-400 industrial gas turbine which previously created vapor for neighborhood production as well as would have the ability to return power to the grid to satisfy need.
Siemens and Engie prepare 12 MW green hydrogen as well as gas project in France
Image: Siemens

A European consortium is establishing a EUR15.2 million 'power-to-X-to-power', hydrogen facility in Saillat-sur-Vienne, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France.

French power firm Engie and compatriot working as a consultant Arttic will certainly join pressures with the German Aerospace Center as well as the Gas and Power organisation of commercial production giant Siemens, in addition to U.K.-based gas turbine generator manufacturer Centrax, on the plan.

The 'Hyflexpower' job, funded by the European Compensation with EUR10.5 million under its Horizon 2020 Structure Program for Research Study and also Technology, will be released at a paper recycling website.

" The function of this task is to confirm that hydrogen can be produced and stored from renewable electrical energy and then [combined] ... approximately 100%, [with] the natural gas presently used with consolidated warm and power plants," claimed Siemens, in a statement.

The strategy

The job partners plan to use renewable energy from the grid as well as water to produce hydrogen with an electrolyser. The hydrogen, which would certainly be stored when electrical power need was reduced, would be used-- together with gas-- to power an upgraded, 12 MW Siemens SGT-400 commercial gas turbine which previously created vapor for neighborhood production and also would certainly now produce power to be fed back into the grid on demand.

"The conversion of ... existing facilities has the advantage of considerably lower prices as well as reduced lead time, contrasted to a greenfield website," Siemans stated.

Setup of the hydrogen manufacturing and storage space unit is scheduled following year. Release of the gas turbine and a demonstration of the pilot facility is prepared for 2022, with last commissioning established for 2023.

Engie Solutions will certainly be in charge of developing hydrogen manufacturing and Siemens Gas as well as Power will give the electrolyser and also establish the hydrogen gas generator. Centrax will update the system for hydrogen procedure as well as set up the brand-new wind turbine.

The consortium thinks the task can save approximately 65,000 lots of CARBON DIOXIDE emissions yearly.

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