"Revolutionary" QuantumHE: Wärtsilä's Fire-Safe Energy Storage

Nov 28, 2023 05:10 PM ET
  • Experience the latest advancements in energy storage with Wärtsilä's QuantumHE system. Enjoy up to 9% more usable energy, advanced safety features, and grid support services with GEMS Digital Energy Management Platform.

Wärtsilä has launched Quantum High Energy (QuantumHE), an energy storage system with advanced safety features. QuantumHE utilizes high-energy density battery cells (306Ah), active dehumidification, pre-fabricated firewalls, external door latches, gas detection ports and centrally located dual-sprinklers with leakage protection for coolants, electrolytes and GWP refrigerants. QuantumHE also increases the usable energy during the lifecycle by up to 9%, reducing land requirements, equipment costs and expediting the development process. It is also compatible with Wärtilä's GEMS Digital Energy Management Platform, providing advanced grid support services and predictive battery analytics.

What Safety Features Does Wärtsilä's QuantumHE Offer?

  • Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) - Ensures optimal performance, thermal safety and energy efficiency
  • Over-temperature protection - Prevents extreme temperature increase due to environmental conditions or malfunction
  • Over-voltage protection - Protects against potential electrical surges that can cause damage to the battery system
  • Over-current protection - Monitors and immediately shuts down the system if an over-current occurs
  • Over-charge protection - Automatically shuts down the system if charging continues beyond the recommended level
  • Short-circuit protection - Automatically shuts down system if a short circuit is detected
  • Fire suppression system - Automatically activates in the case of a fire
  • Ground fault isolator - Isolates the system from any potential ground faults, preventing damage to the system

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