Reusing lead-acid batteries for perovskite solar battery production

Feb 25, 2020 03:21 PM ET
  • Scientists from China are recommending to utilize invested battery lead for producing a perovskite that can be made use of in the manufacturing of solar cells that are based upon this appealing product. The suggested one-step procedure, which was evaluated in the manufacturing of a 17.38% reliable perovskite heterojunction cell, is stated to be less expensive and also much less energy-intensive than various other reusing procedures for waste lead from lead-acid batteries.
Reusing lead-acid batteries for perovskite solar battery production
Image: kaboompics, pixabay

Scientists from China's Xidian University are recommending to make use of waste lead from lead-acid batteries for the production of perovskite for solar cells.

Ahead acetate created from lead-acid battery for effective perovskite solar cells research released in Nano Energy, the researchers explained the recommended solitary one-step spin-coating approach as a method to reuse the battery lead without triggering additional contamination.

The vital idea is to order the lead acetate Pb(Air Conditioning)2 from the cathode and also anode areas of the battery and also mix lead-containing products with acetic acid (CH3COOH). This basic procedure is claimed to provide high-purity lead acetate (Pb(Air Conditioning)2), which functions as an efficient forerunner product for solar cells based upon halide perovskites.

The recouped lead was examined in the manufacturing of a heterojunction perovskite cell which had a conversion performance of 17.38%, the scientists specified.

The researchers recommended that, via this procedure, the perovskite attains a much better condensation, generating thick movies with high light-harvesting performance. "In specific, the perovskite slim movie originated from cathode has the biggest bits and also the least variety of openings," they stated.

Contrasted to various other pricey as well as energy-intensive approaches made use of to recuperate lead from the batteries, the scientist state that this brand-new method has reduced annealing temperature level and also much shorter annealing time-- which might cause reduced expenses and also power usage.

"Our study is still restricted to the lab," the scientists confessed. However they think that this brand-new strategy might leave their laboratory to end up being a treatment appropriate for the sector. "The solitary one-step spin-coating approach can produce effective perovskite solar cells with high repeatability," they specified.

A week back, scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) introduced a brand-new a strategy to drastically minimize lead leak in perovksite solar cells. They used a lead-absorbing movie to the front and also back of a perovskite cell. "Under problems of extreme solar battery damages in a laboratory setup, the lead-absorbing movies withdrawed 96% of lead leak," accoridng to NREL.

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