Renshine Solar introduces 29.0% performance for all-perovskite tandem solar cell

Jan 5, 2023 12:47 PM ET
  • Chinese perovskite solar technology company Renshine Solar (Suzhou) has actually announced 29.0% steady-state power conversion efficiency of all-perovskite tandem solar cell created in-house. The company currently expects to surpass 30% in 2023.
Renshine Solar introduces 29.0% performance for all-perovskite tandem solar cell
Image: Solliance

Japan Electrical Safety as well as Environment Technology Laboratories (JET) has apparently licensed the effectiveness claim that was reported for an assigned location of 0.04888 cm ².

"In half a year, the performance of perovskite stacked cells has actually boosted by 1%. This development price is unparalleled by various other technologies. The effectiveness of crystalline silicon cells has actually only enhanced by 0.1% in the past 5 years," stated Renshine Solar Founder as well as CEO Shen Chengyong.

The business is preparing to bring its 150 MW pilot line into manufacturing in Q3/2023 to begin mass production in 2024. Subsequent construction of the GW line will certainly start at the end of 2023, however it will certainly rely on the 'appointing outcomes' of the pilot line. As of now it is running a 10 MW assembly line.

Renshine Chairman as well as a Professor at Nanjing University, Tan Hairen, believes tandem perovskite cells can attain far more efficiency than solitary joint perovskites because laboratory performance of the latter has actually stayed the very same at regarding 25.7% in the last 2 or 3 years.

Renshine says as part of its roadmap in automation of perovskite technology, it will aim for growing of single-junction cells bring about single-layer perovskite modules reaching 18% delivery effectiveness within 2 years. Hairen included that the launch of tandem cells might be half a year to a year later than single-junction cells and the anticipated shipment effectiveness is 22%.

Chengyong shared that as soon as the 18% effectiveness for single junction cells is attained, it can compete with cadmium telluride solar cells in tandem type, yet it can not change crystalline silicon technology.

In October 2022, the Chinese company reported a 'world record' steady-state effectiveness of 24.5% for a perovskite tandem cell module.

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