Redflow batteries to include VPP abilities

Jul 24, 2020 11:50 AM ET
  • Australia-based battery vendor Redflow has joined forces with smart-energy systems specialist carbonTRACK to include online nuclear power plant functionality to its flow batteries.
Redflow batteries to include VPP abilities
Image: Redflow

As digitalization remains to expand within the generation, distribution as well as transmission fields, Brisbane-based battery provider Redflow has upped the stake on its clever grid capabilities. Under a brand-new collaboration with Melbourne-based smart-energy systems professional carbonTRACK, Redflow's zinc-bromine flow batteries will be enhanced with online power plant (VPP) capabilities to supply added value for clients.

Redflow zinc-bromine flow batteries will work with carbonTRACK's power monitoring system to enable battery proprietors to handle, disperse as well as trade energy produced within an aggregated network of dispersed power sources. This will certainly enable each client to tailor their power usage according to their needs, while making the most of a system that currently has a sunk expense.

" This delivers a crucial calculated capability by allowing Redflow batteries to end up being a part of a wider collection of energy assets that can be successfully kept an eye on, worked with and managed," said Redflow Managing Director and also CEO Tim Harris. "The financial investment we have actually made in our Battery Management System (BMS) is an essential enabler which will certainly allow us to deliver VPP capacity with carbonTRACK."

CarbonTRACK and also Redflow will originally explore opportunities to collaborate in the South African market, where they both have an existence. Redflow, for instance, won a contract last year with among Africa's biggest telecoms companies to give 68 ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow batteries for at least 20 smart phone tower sites in rough rural South African problems.

The firms think the challenges triggered by the well-known unreliability of South Africa's national electricity grid could supply multiple chances for Redflow's energy storage space option to work with carbonTRACK's smart power utilization software application. Their possible South African target consumers include commercial as well as household implementations, as well as offgrid energy systems. Their plan is to later target other markets, such as offgrid releases in Australia.

Marketed as ZCell and ZBM2, Redflow zinc-bromine flow batteries are made for high cycle-rate, lengthy time-base stationary energy storage space applications in the household, business and also commercial and telecommunications industries. They are scalable from a solitary battery setup through to grid-scale implementations.

" Redflow's plug-and-play energy storage system, based on its durable zinc-bromine flow batteries, can shift and handle large quantities of energy," carbonTRACK Managing Director Spiros Livadaras claimed. "Our technology matches Redflow's capability to self-manage, protect as well as monitor their batteries 24/7."

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