Raptor Maps, GreenPowerMonitor combine expertise in solar software platforms

Nov 30, 2022 10:13 PM ET
  • Raptor Maps is collaborating with checking company GreenPowerMonitor to much better keep an eye on solar assets.

Raptor Maps and also GPM will certainly center inverter, combiner, and also pyranometer data to the right geospatial position on a solar farm, making it available via a digital twin. Asset owners and drivers will have immediate assessments right into how the physical problems of modules influence power production, all prepared for evaluation along with upkeep and also inspection information. The combined software platform will certainly initially be released on a portfolio of projects taken care of by EV Solar.

" We are proud of our customer-centric technique," discusses Juan Carlos Arévalo, chief executive officer and also cofounder of GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV firm. "EV Solar is a positive organization that is scaling rapidly, and also we are partnering with Raptor Maps to enable this option for them as well as the other 60 GW of solar and wind clients in our portfolio."

" The integration of sensing unit data in the GreenPowerMonitor platform with examination analytics in the Raptor Maps platform develops tighter correlation between maintenance as well as efficiency," notes Raptor Maps chief executive officer as well as cofounder Nikhil Vadhavkar, including that aerial inspection data for 40 EV Solar websites are kept within the Raptor Solar platform. "By including and also learning from this data, EV Solar is showing us what the future of solar asset management will look like."

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