PVFarm Launches Web-Based Tool for Solar Project Planning

May 30, 2024 02:02 PM ET
  • PVFarm's web-based application revolutionizes solar PV project planning with real-time energy models and BIM features for comprehensive design decisions.

PVFarm, a U.S.-based company, has launched a web-based application for early-stage planning of large-scale solar PV projects. The tool includes real-time energy models and building information model (BIM) features to support various aspects of PV plant design, such as electrical, mechanical, civil, energy, and procurement. It offers rapid feedback on design decisions and allows users to mix equipment and electrical designs, run different grading strategies, and edit layouts multiple times.

The subscription-based tool is suitable for fixed ground mounted or single-axis tracking plants and supports financial, energy performance, electrical, civil, mechanical, and procurement aspects. It also has BIM functionality for modeling and provides compatibility with other tools like Autodesk and PvSyst. PVFarm aims to help users evaluate opportunities and trade-offs holistically to ensure informed decision-making in the early stages of project planning.

What features does PVFarm's web-based application offer for large-scale solar PV projects?

  • PVFarm's web-based application offers advanced project planning and design tools specifically tailored for large-scale solar PV projects
  • The application provides detailed solar resource assessment and shading analysis to optimize the placement of solar panels
  • PVFarm's application also includes financial modeling tools to calculate the return on investment and potential savings for each project
  • The platform allows for real-time monitoring and performance tracking of solar PV systems, enabling project managers to quickly identify and address any issues
  • PVFarm's application also offers collaboration features, allowing multiple stakeholders to access and contribute to the project data and analysis in real-time.


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