Prefab floating solar for very easy setup

Jun 29, 2022 06:04 PM ET
  • A Norwegian startup has actually patented a floating planetary system constructed from panels laminated flooring on top of double-aluminum sheets. The pre-stringed floats are turned out on site and hauled into area.
Prefab floating solar for very easy setup
Image: DNV

An erected floating planetary system that can be unfolded and lugged out by boat for very easy setup has been authorized by Norwegian certification body DNV.

Sunlit Sea, a Trondheim-based start-up that was established in 2019, has patented a layout that consists of two light weight aluminum sheets welded along with a solar panel laminated ahead. It claims the premade nature of its floating planetary system drives down cost for consumers and also lowers the ecological effect on installation sites.

The firm's website states that the start-up's initial prototype was created in 2020 and a fifth version was deployed in an "revealed area" in 2022. A timeline on the Sunlit Sea website indicates that the firm intends to install its very first commercial project, a 936 kWp system, at some point this year.

The floats are supplied in strings and also are unfolded on site before being pulled out by boat and connected to host bigger solar modules. The panels have a height generation capacity of 537 W each, according to Sunlit Sea. It claims that its product has a minimum guaranteed life time of 25 years.

"Sunlit Sea's service provides excellent cooling, minimized panel deterioration, as well as rapid deployment as a result of pre-fabrication," stated Sunlit Sea chief executive officer Per Lindberg.

Sunlit Sea claimed it functions carefully with the University of Oslo, Norwegian screening center Stadt Towing Tank, and the Institute for Energy Technology, which started life as Norway's nuclear research entity.

DNV stated worldwide floating solar setups will certainly rise from 3 GWp currently to in between 20 GW and also 25 GW within this decade.

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