Palau's $29m Solar-Storage Puzzle: Solved

Jun 22, 2023 01:15 PM ET
  • DNV has supported Solar Pacific Energy Corporation (SPEC) in a $29 million solar and storage project in Palau. Our expertise ensured the complicated hybrid solar and battery system was successfully installed on Babeldoab island, providing 20% of Palau's energy needs. SPEC now looks forward to more projects with DNV in the Asia Pacific region.
Palau's $29m Solar-Storage Puzzle: Solved

DNV has supported the Solar Pacific Energy Corporation's (SPEC) $29 million solar and storage project in the Republic of Palau. The 15.3MW solar power system and 13.2MWh battery installation on Babeldoab island will meet more than 20% of Palau’s energy needs. DNV's work encompassed four phases of the project, including design, pre-construction, construction, and completion. Their expertise ensured the delivery of a complex hybrid solar and battery storage solution on a remote island, and SPEC looks forward to working with DNV more in the Asia Pacific region.

How Did DNV Support SPEC's Palau Project?

How Did DNV Support SPEC's Palau Project?

  • DNV provided consulting and engineering services to support the entry into Palau's energy market.
  • DNV also provided a financial analysis to evaluate the costs and benefits of the Palau project.
  • DNV's expertise in renewable technologies enabled them to develop a comprehensive plan for the Palau project.
  • DNV worked with local stakeholders to develop a roadmap for the project, including the installation of photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, and energy storage systems.
  • DNV provided guidance to the Palau project on the selection of vendors and equipment for the best performance and cost efficiency.
  • DNV also helped to ensure the project's success by providing technical advice on system design, installation, safety, and operations.

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