Orsted commits to recycling solar panels

Jun 7, 2023 12:36 PM ET
  • Designer has partnered with a United States specialist to procedure and recycle its end-of-life modules
Orsted commits to recycling solar panels

Orsted has actually promised to reuse or recycle all solar modules from its international portfolio of solar farms with prompt effect.

To assist this commitment Orsted has actually formed a partnership with Solarcycle, a technology-based PV recycling business, to process as well as recycle Orsted's end-of-life solar panels from its projects across the US, which is just one of the major solar markets for the designer.

Solar energy is a key innovation for the green power transition as well as for limiting worldwide warming.

Nevertheless, the implementation of this technology requires vast amounts of virgin products.

The mining of these has ecological and social influences, as well as competition to safeguard access to these products is on the rise.

To reduced dependence on virgin materials, a key option is to reuse or recycle end-of-life solar panels as well as bring the products back right into production.

Today, reusing and recycling photovoltaic panels is limited, and landfilling is still common practice.

This suggests that materials with a high value to the green power shift are simply let go to waste.

Ingrid Reumert, Senior Vice President, and also Head of Global Stakeholder Relations at Orsted, claimed: "With this international solar commitment, Orsted is leveraging its placement as a leader in sustainability and also renewable energy to incentivise the creation of a market for-- the recycling of solar panels-- as well as with the Solarcycle partnership, we're taking the initial concrete steps to ensure that essential products needed for green power will certainly be reused or recycled."

Solarcycle's recycling center in Texas removes the valuable products from panels, including metals like silver, copper, and also aluminium, as well as materials such as glass and silicon.

The company can take these materials and refine them to make the next generation of newer, higher-efficiency solar panels.

Orsted has actually been expanding its onshore portfolio in the past few years with the passion of getting to 17.5 GW of wind as well as solar PV capacity for its international onshore portfolio by 2030.

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