Oman launches tender for 146 MW of solar-diesel-storage projects

Aug 12, 2019 10:29 PM ET
  • The Rural Areas Electricity Company wants to build hybrid plants in 11 non-interconnected areas of the sultanate. The projects will have a total of 48 MW of solar power generation capacity and 70 MW of diesel and the storage component will have total installed power of 28 MW and a storage capacity of 14 MWh.
Oman launches tender for 146 MW of solar-diesel-storage projects
Image: fransoopatrick/Pixabay
Oman’s state-owned Rural Areas Electricity Company (Tanweer) has issued a tender for the development and construction of 11 solar-diesel-storage power projects with a combined capacity of 146 MW.

Pre-selection of developers for the projects started an expression of interest process in June last year.

The hybrid plants will be constructed on a build, own, operate and transfer basis with selected projects granted a 15-year power purchase agreement. Tanweer will be responsible for fuel supply and securing land and the developers will arrange plant ownership, construction and financing as well as operations and maintenance and dispatch from the facilities.

The generation capacity of the PV sections of the projects is expected to be 48 MW against a 70 MW diesel component. Tanweer is planning on storage elements with installed power capacity of 28 MW and 14 MWh of storage.

Several regions

One project is planned for Madha, an area surrounded by United Arab Emirates territory in the northern part of Oman and another facility will be located in Masrooq, near Ibri, where two 500 MW solar projects are currently under development.

Tanweer is planning projects in Mittan, Al Mazyunah, Farshat Qatbeet, Hasik and in the Al Hallaniyat islands, all in the southern Dhofar governorate and generation assets will also be constructed in Al Khuwaimah and in Masirah island, in the Ash Sharqiyah South governorate.

A final two projects are planned in Hitam and Al Khadrah, in the Al Wusta governatorate on the east coast.

“All sites are expected to be tendered together, but the tariff for each site may be different,” Tanweer stated.

Oman’s sole electricity buyer, the state-owned Oman Power and Water Procurement Company, is holding a series of tenders for large scale solar. Its projects are part of the Omani government’s plan to add 4 GW of renewable generation capacity by 2030.

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