NREL as well as Accela launch property solar permittting system

Apr 30, 2021 03:04 PM ET
  • Software program company Accela is signing up with pressures with the US Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) on a new platform offering faster permitting for household solar as well as battery energy storage projects.
NREL as well as Accela launch property solar permittting system
Image: Panasonic

Called SolarAPP+, the solution will certainly be supplied to 1,500 companies as well as Accela's existing state and also local customers in an initiative to reduce permitting times from two weeks to "instantaneous", according to a declaration from the company. Making use of the app, Accela said, will help regional companies to refine big volumes of household solar and also house battery license applications.

Tom Nieto, Accela's chief running officer, stated that companies are "increasingly trying to find ways to accelerate solar allowing to sustain neighborhood jobs, drive economic growth, as well as secure the environment."

The tool, which was developed by NREL and moneyed by the DOE, identifies code issues, typos, and also various other mistakes, and returns improvements to the applicant, allowing more simple projects to move on rapidly as well as taking stress off staff to concentrate on "extra complicated or unique applications".

The SolarAPP+ allows cities and also regions to "improve and standardize allowing demands" for home solar installments and battery systems to support the quick scale-up in solar capability across the United States.

Carla Blackwell, director of advancement solutions at Pima County, Arizona, claimed that leveraging the SolarAPP+ will make it possible for the community's firm to "save beneficial time, money, and also human resources to process roughly 250 licenses monthly in the region."

The software-as-a-service item's launch is available in the same week that the DOE set aside US$ 8.25 million in loan financing to assist sustain transmission grid improvements as even more variable renewable energy comes online over the next decade.

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