Novel magnet design with mirror-like properties

Jun 18, 2021 02:37 PM ET
  • Scientists at Tohoku University have shown the designability of unique magnets with magic mirror-like qualities in organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite (OIHP)-type substances.
Novel magnet design with mirror-like properties
Image: Kouji Taniguchi

OIHP-type compounds, a kind of product made use of to create solar cells, have extraordinary optical properties and also have recently attracted globally passion. Scientists are keen to harness their architectural variety.

Although the remarkable optical properties of OIHPs have been primarily studied for their photoelectric attributes, a number of OIHP-type substances are known to function as magnets that send light. Integrating the exceptional optical characteristics with magnetism, OIHP-type substances are an appealing platform for designing practical magneto-optical products.

A multi-institutional Japanese team, led by Kouji Taniguchi of Tohoku University's Institute for Materials Research, developed a brand-new magnet, in which brightness adjustments are figured out by whether the product is viewed from the front or the back.

Capitalizing on OIHP-type compounds, they have designed low balance magnets, where magic mirror characteristics are anticipated, by introducing chiral natural molecules right into layered crystal framework of not natural magnets.

Furthermore, they found that the front and rear of matter can be switched over by a reduced electromagnetic field, which is obtainable by a common permanent magnet.

"We hope the advancement of brand-new magneto-optical products based on the material layout principle presented in this research will result in the applications in spin photonic devices," said Taniguchi.