New software program to determine solar-suitable surface areas

Jul 1, 2022 03:27 PM ET
  • Norway's Glint Solar has actually established cloud-based software program that locates suitable surfaces for solar parks. It evaluates factors such as the range to the grid or substations, topography, soil depth, and also solar radiation. The tool can likewise be used for initial project sizing.
New software program to determine solar-suitable surface areas
Image: Glint Solar

Norwegian startup Glint Solar has established software to screen as well as identify potential sites for the release of ground-mounted solar parks.

" Our new software application makes certain better early-phase project insight," COO Also Kvelland told pv magazine. "It allows designers to determine certain sites such as, for example, industrial land or field, while allowing initial capex as well as [levelized expense of electricity] estimates and also technological analysis."

The software assesses factors such range to the grid or substations, topography, soil deepness, and solar radiation. It takes into consideration surface with a maximum slope of 12 degrees and can obtain topographical heatmaps, while defining whether a recognized surface area is cropland, marsh, forest, or a secured area.

On top of that, it aids with project sizing. "The user can additionally draw and also see the possible size in MW while attracting," Kvelland claimed. "When a developer locates a suitable site, it ought to make use of the device to check numerous analyses of different systems, after that it needs to speak to the owner of the land. In some regions, we do have the name as well as get in touch with details of the landowners to make this procedure quicker."

The cloud-based software-as-a-service service is instantly upgraded with new features and new data, claimed the firm.

" The device normally checks out great deals of different data per site and is able to perform quick energy as well as economic evaluation of various modern technologies on the site," stated Glint Solar chief executive officer, Harald Olderheim. "It is also able to identify existing PV plants in addition to other energy plants like wind, coal, and also hydropower."

The software application system utilizes Amazon Web Services for heavy calculations and also to save large quantities of data.

" We have actually created our very own energy production analysis together with Norway's Institute for Energy (IFE) based upon a selection of satellite data and also data sources around the world," Olderheim claimed. "The software program functions worldwide, but it varies what sort of data we have for various nations. The majority of our features work worldwide, while for some data layers the system functions nation by country."

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