New layout pattern can boost solar panel efficency

Oct 9, 2020 05:15 PM ET
  • Designing photovoltaic panels with checkerboard lines enhances their capability to take in light by 125%, according to a brand-new research study led by scientists at the University of York.
New layout pattern can boost solar panel efficency
Image: Pixabay

The scientists set out to investigate how different surface area designs can impact the absorption of sunlight in solar cells.

They found that a checkerboard design improved diffraction, which because of this improved the likelihood of light being taken in which is after that utilized to develop power.

The renewable resource sector is continuously searching for methods to enhance light absorption in solar cells, producing slimmer cells and changing the surface design would certainly not only make them cheaper however would also make them a lot more environmentally friendly.

Dr Christian Schuster from the Department of Physics claimed: 'We located a basic method for improving the absorption of slim solar cells.

' Our investigations show that our concept in fact matches the absorption improvement of more advanced styles-- while likewise absorbing a lot more light deep in the airplane and also less light near the surface structure itself.

' Our design regulation meets all pertinent elements of light-trapping for solar cells, clearing the way for straightforward, functional, and yet exceptional diffractive structures, with a prospective impact past photonic applications.

' This style provides the possible to additionally integrate solar cells into thinner, versatile products and also consequently produce even more chance to utilize solar energy in much more products.'