Netherlands grid operators making use of batteries to soothe bottlenecks

Jul 12, 2022 02:26 PM ET
  • Grid operators in the Netherlands are trialling the capacity of large battery storage to soothe bottlenecks in the grid.
Netherlands grid operators making use of batteries to soothe bottlenecks
Image: GIGA Storage

Liander, one of the 7 major grid drivers in the nation, has partnered with developer GIGA Storage to release the batteries in Amsterdam, Alkmaar and also Lelystad. An additional operator, Enexis Netbeheer, has partnered with solar PV driver PowerField to do the exact same in Drenthe.

As the second-most largely booming country in Europe (omitting microstates), the Netherlands' grid is getting to maximum capacity in increasingly more places. But, GIGA Storage explained, the optimum capacity is just reached throughout details height durations with capacity readily available for most of the remainder.

When permitting capacity onto the network, grid drivers have to take into consideration the maximum quantity that all linked sources could ask for simultaneously, significantly restricting the quantity of assets they authorize causing much extra capacity.

Liander is beginning 3 pilots with GIGA to include 10-20MW-sized batteries in Amsterdam and Alkmaar, and also a 25MW one in Leylstad. The Leylstad grid has actually gotten to optimal capacity for the feed-in of wind as well as solar energy, and the battery will enhance input by keeping the excess power.

They will certainly also explore time-limited contracts, which will allow the batteries to just bill or release when there is offered capacity. Currently, all resources consisting of new batteries need to sign up to 24/7 grid access yet the New Energy Act (Nieuwe Energiewet), set to enter into effect in 2024/25, will certainly allow for a more flexible approach.

Ruud Nijs, CEO of GIGA Storage, stated: "We are in talks with the grid drivers to know massive energy storage. This develops a collaboration in between all celebrations in the energy chain that will certainly contribute to a quick energy transition as well as a significant alleviation of connection problems."

Enexis Netbeheer and also PowerField's partnership is centred around the latter's solar-plus-storage projects. PowerField will certainly make use of a mix of a battery and also time-limited agreements to help with grid congestion.

Nijs discussed his business's 25MW/48MWh GIGA Buffalo battery storage project-- the biggest project in the nation

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