Neoen Wins 81.6 MWp in Solar Projects in France

Feb 18, 2021 11:43 AM ET
  • Neoen, among the world's leading as well as fastest-growing producers of solely renewable resource is announcing that it has actually been granted 81.6 MWp in the call for tenders for ground-mounted solar ranches held by the French federal government (CRE Innovation and also CRE 4.9).

The 73.6 MWp won in CRE 4.9 is split in between five projects, from 3 to 39 MWp, all complying with Neoen's develop-to-own version.

Totalling 39 MWp, Loirecopark, the ground-mounted solar park in the Sarthe département situated ashore belonging to a consortium of local authorities will be among Neoen's biggest in France. The park will help restore former military land that has actually experienced chemical contamination. When it opens up in late 2022, the plant will certainly create sufficient environment-friendly electricity to provide 26,000 individuals.

The four various other winning projects are located in Haute-Vienne, Ain and also Calvados, demonstrating Neoen's capacity to establish projects throughout France. The appointing of the possessions will occur in between the end of 2022 as well as the beginning of 2023. Three of these projects are ground-mounted solar parks, like Loirecopark, and will certainly additionally be restoring abject land, a priority for Neoen. The 4th project, which will certainly be open to crowd investment, is a solar car-park sanctuary.

2 other projects won the CRE Innovation tender in December, for an overall of 8 MWp. A cutting-edge predictive upkeep system will be made use of for both ground-mounted plants, with automated detection and also analysis of faults of the solar panels. The first (5 MWp), in Portets, southwest France will be found on the website of a former quarry while the various other (3 MWp) at Saint-Priest-la-Prugne, Loire, will certainly fix up the website of a former uranium mine.

Neoen has won 364.6 MWp of solar power in the last nine CRE tenders, which stands for a complete investment of over 300 million euros. Nearly two-thirds of the capability awarded will be produced on degraded land or car-park sanctuaries; 183 MWp is already in operation or incomplete.

The 364.6 MWp won in the various stages of CRE 4 and the 8 MWp awarded in the CRE Innovation contribute to the 66 MWp from the 2018 CRE Bi-technologique, in which Neoen won the lion's share. In four years, Neoen has won some 438.6 MWp in French federal government tenders.

Xavier Barbaro, Neoen's Chairman and also President: "Our proceeded success is an indicator that our approach is relevant as well as our projects appealing. I wish to thank our staff in Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Nantes and Paris for their commitment to the development of solar parks across France. As the number one independent solar power gamer in France, Neoen is proud to play an energetic function in making zero-carbon a majority of the French energy mix."

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