Nanotech Energy Protects $64 M for Global Graphene Business

Aug 11, 2021 07:24 PM ET
  • The business has increased $64 million Series D funding at a $550 million post-Series D appraisal, taking its overall quantity of funding elevated to date to $94.9 million.
  • The funds will be used to increase worldwide growth, including the launch of its EU head office in Amsterdam, and to develop a brand-new high-volume graphene battery production center in Reno, Nevada, US.

American graphene-based batteries maker Nanotech Energy has actually elevated $64 million Series D financing at a $550 million post-Series D appraisal to increase international expansion, consisting of the launch of its EU headquarters in Amsterdam, as well as to create a new high-volume graphene battery manufacturing center in Reno, Nevada, US.

Led by Taiwan's biggest financial solutions firm, Fubon Financial Holding Co, the Series D moneying brings the total amount of moneying raised to date by Nanotech Energy to $94.9 million.

The Nevada production facility is expected to open up in late 2022 and also create jobs in the Greater Reno market. Nanotech Energy also plans to raise capacity in its existing Chico, California manufacturing facility for graphene itself, graphene-based conductive inks, adhesives, EMI shielding as well as silver nanowires.

In September 2020, the business introduced that it had actually developed a process to create 90% monolayer graphene, ending up being the first and also just producer to damage the 50% material obstacle. In March 2021, Nanotech Energy accomplished 95% monolayer graphene as well as is quick coming close to 98% monolayer graphene (confirmed by AFM, TEM, SEM and also XRD techniques).

A major manufacturer of graphene, the firm claims to be the only manufacturer of non-flammable, graphene-based batteries.

" We've spent more than 7 years diligently developing brand-new products to boost battery storage capability and safety and are now relocating into a new phase of manufacturing at industry-level scale," claimed Nanotech Energy Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Dr. Jack Kavanaugh. "We delight in to have an investor like Fubon, who recognizes the unbelievable chances presented by graphene, embraces science as well as shares our vision," he added.

" Nanotech Energy's batteries are not just the best batteries but likewise highest possible doing. They demonstrate greater cycle life, far better performance at temperature level extremes, much better array and are quicker billing," included Dr. Maher El-Kady, Principal Innovation Policeman of Nanotech Energy.

The company specifies that graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, 97% transparent, very light in weight, flexible and stretchable-- making it the thinnest, best and also most flexible material known. Nanotech Energy possesses the globe's very first graphene license, filed in 2002 by Nanotech Energy founder and also UCLA teacher of Chemistry and also of Materials Science and also Engineering, Dr. Richard Kaner. Especially, Dr. Kaner filed the license two years before the graphene job of Nobel laureates, Geim and also Novoselov.

" Our team believe Nanotech Energy's proprietary, non-flammable graphene batteries have a clear course to widespread adoption as well as international scalability," said Richard Tsai, Chairman of the Fubon Financial Group. "We are excited to play a role in aiding Nanotech Energy transform the future of battery modern technology and also energy storage space, and look forward to our collaboration with Jack Kavanaugh and his inspiring group as they work to bring their batteries to market."

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