Meyer Burger Announces First Sales Partner for Solar Roof Tile Project

Dec 2, 2022 12:24 PM ET
  • Dachdecker-Einkauf Süd eG (DE Süd), a market-leading expert roof distributor in Germany, will certainly explore the guidance of the first pilot projects. It will additionally assist with the implementation with their customers from roof covering field.

Meyer Burger Technology, a company understood for its production facilities in the photovoltaic market, had actually announced the pilot phase of its solar roof tile. Currently, the company has revealed that it has onboarded its very first distribution partner from the roofing trade. Dachdecker-Einkauf Süd eG (DE Süd), a market-leading specialist roof representative in Germany, will check out the guidance of the very first pilot projects. It will certainly additionally help with the application with their consumers from roof covering market.

Meyer Burger says that the solar roof tiles are high quality as they include solar cells that boast of high performance solar cells. These originate from the pilot production from the production plant in Thalheim.

"We are delighted to be able to supply the trade with such an ingenious product for the product launch, together with Meyer Burger," says Björn Augustin, Executive Board Member of DE Süd. The said solar roof tiles were showcased this year at exhibition, such as Intersolar as well as Dach+Holz. The roof tiles, says the firm, drew in passion from installers, roofers and end customers.

Once the present pilot phase of the project gets to conclusion, it will certainly be headed for market launch in the 2nd fifty percent of 2023. To facilitate the automation of solar roof tile, Meyer Burger is aiming to join hands with an agreement producing company based in Europe.

The solar cells and connection technology will certainly originate from Meyer Burger's very own production. The firm will certainly also pick as well as acquire all products as well as components for the objective. Meyer Burger says that this enables it to see to it that its item adapts the firm's excellent quality standards, while likewise enabling it to strengthen its existing supply chains. The intellectual property is likewise safeguarded at the same time.

Meyer Burger Tile, the company keeps, is an ingenious roof tile solution. Aesthetically appealing aesthetics and superior power return contribute to the eye-catching attributes of straightforward setup and maintenance. "The layout of our Meyer Burger Tile enables a consistent and also aesthetic appearance across the entire roof area and also is therefore perfect for demanding architectural applications," says Moritz Borgmann, Chief Commercial Officer of Meyer Burger.

The tile, which is currently being made, has personal roof system owners in new construction or roof substitute situations, proprietors of home in redevelopment areas as well as noted structures, along with on structures with minimal roof load as target consumers.

The solar roof tiles, the Swiss firm say, will certainly take pride in industry-leading conversion efficiency of approximately 17 percent. Nevertheless, added enhancements are likewise in the offing. The other attributes of solar roof tiles are that it is hailstorm-proof as well as are classified as stiff roofing, thereby enabling installation up to the roof edge without added safety and security clearance. Item and efficiency warranty of three decades has actually been supplied on it.

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