LONGi Solar takes Pakistan module orders to 500MW as country momentum develops

Mar 23, 2021 02:20 PM ET
  • LONGi Solar has actually taken its validated solar module orders from Pakistan this year to 500MW, most of which it claimed were for its Hi-MO 5 collection.
LONGi Solar takes Pakistan module orders to 500MW as country momentum develops
Image: LONGi Solar

LONGi said more than 80% of orders protected in the country, equivalent to around 422MWp, were for the Hi-MO 5 series of modules which can be found in power result versions of approximately 540W.

Amongst the customers LONGi has protected in the country are Reon Energy, which is to create Pakistan's largest business solar project to day-- and also among the biggest commercial rooftops outside of China-- at 70MWp. The project is due to enter commercial operations in Q3 2021.

Dennis She, senior vice head of state at LONGi Solar, claimed the module maker was committed to helping its clients in Pakistan add towards the nation's "path in the direction of higher power self-reliance".

"As Pakistan is prioritizing its power generation methods as well as enhancing capacity to produce clean power in order to satisfy growing need without degrading the setting, power project teamwork is playing a critical role," he claimed.

Among a significant power deficit where demand far overtakes power supply in Pakistan, the nation is rapidly looking to renewable power to reinforce its power generation base. Since 30 June 2020, Pakistan had a functional solar generation ability of 530MW, comparable to about 1.36% of the country's complete power generation capability of simply over 38.7 GW. Renewables in overall contribute just 4% to total power output.

However Pakistan maintains an aspiration to see that share rise to 30% by 2030, and considerable additions to the country's renewables portfolio are planned. LONGi pointed out quotes that in between 565MW as well as 1,120 MW of new solar capacity will certainly be included this year, followed by in between 623MW and also 1,287 MW in 2022.

Floating solar projects have formerly been highlighted by the nation's power minister Omar Ayub Khan as having specific possibility in Pakistan.

Pakistan has actually also been targeted for growth by a number of producers. In November 2019, PV Technology's Carrie Xiao reported how Pakistan was among a list of 'Belt as well as Road' markets, including Vietnam and Egypt, which producers expected to expand by 40-- 50% over the coming years, as well as various other solar makers have likewise secured supply sell the country.

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