LONGi, JinkoSolar, JA Solar Advocate M10 Module Standardisation

Sep 14, 2021 02:00 PM ET
  • Chinese solar PV manufacturers JA Solar, JinkoSolar, as well as LONGi have launched a joint statement to reveal they have actually gotten to a consensus on the standardisation of PV modules generated that are based on M10 wafers.

The standardization scheme of modules 182mm (M10) wafers, as concurred by the three parties is as follows:

  1. The size of 54-cell modules: 1722mm * 1134mm, mounting hole spacing: 1400mm;
  2. The size of 72-cell modules: 2278mm * 1134mm, mounting hole spacing: 400mm, 1400mm;
  3. The size of 78-cell modules: 2465mm * 1134mm, mounting hole spacing: 400mm, 1200mm/1500mm.

" Since the joint launch of the M10 type wafer standard by JA Solar, Jinko Solar as well as LONGi Solar in June 2020, the wafer size has been getting prevalent acknowledgment and also acceptance in the PV industry," claimed the statement.

" However, because of the distinctions in the technological roadmap, style idea and installment mode complied with by various producers, the requirements of the very same sort of modules differ in their sizes, widths and also mounting hole spacings despite being based on the same M10 wafer technology," it included.

This difference, the business thinks, makes it hard to accomplish the standardisation of element specs as well as the decrease of producing prices. Consequently, the upstream as well as downstream coordination is obtaining affected along with system style and installation concerns.

In order to counter this circumstance and promote the sustainable growth of the PV sector, JA Solar, Jinko Solar as well as LONGi Solar have actually gotten to a consensus on the standardization of modules that are based upon M10 wafers, so regarding "collectively advocate and also advertise the standardization and also healthy advancement of PV sector."

In mid-June, they jointly released a white paper planned to reveal what they believe are the advantages for designers of huge scale PV projects of using photovoltaic modules made with M10, 182mm wafers. In November 2020, the three makers specified their consolidated production capacity of PV panels based on 182mm wafers would certainly reach 54 GW in 2021.

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