LONGi is to create a huge mono-crystalline ingot factory

Nov 29, 2019 01:36 PM ET
  • One of the major Chinese photovoltaic manufacturers and developers, LONGi Green Energy, is going to construct a novel mono-crystalline Si ingot production facility with a capacity of 10 gigawatts. The fab will be located in Tengchong municipality, in the province of Yunnan.
LONGi is to create a huge mono-crystalline ingot factory
Image: LONGi Group

Lately, the manufacturer has confirmed its ambitions to create two new solar manufacturing sites, with production capacities of 10 and 5 gigawatts.

The Tengchong manufacturing factory is scheduled to be commissioned in about a year. The total funds invested in the venture are announced to constitute about 2.5b Rénmínbì, which is equal to 355m USD. 

The factory will be built in the Industrial Park of Baoshan City. The park has been selected as the new facility location because it provides access to hydroelectric power. 

While constructing the new fab, LONGi is going to collaborate with the Municipal People's Government of Tengchong city.

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