Linxon, Available Power Agree For 200 MWh BESS Project

May 9, 2023 02:07 PM ET
  • The project scope includes the style, construction, setup, and also testing of all equipment needed for the BESS setup.

The actual work includes a 345/34.5 kV, 130 MVA step-up power transformer, 345kV AIS equipment, battery enclosures, inverter skid with coupling transformer, inverter control system/EMS, and station complementary supply system.

United States Power administration firm Linxon has actually authorized an exclusivity agreement with Available Power for the 100 MW/200 MWh Greenport Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project in Austin, Texas.

Linxon said that this agreement enhances the relationship between both events, following their calculated collaboration for 1GW of dispersed energy storage projects in the ERCOT market.

Linxon is a joint venture of SNC-Lavalin and also Hitachi Energy. Available Power is a pure-play programmer of investment-grade battery energy storage systems.

Ben Gregory, President, Available Power, stated, "Battery energy storage is a vital part of our distributed energy source (DER) platform, releasing very available and flexible power properties that safeguards access to clean, reputable energy. We are positive that our collaboration with Linxon will certainly help us expedite the energy shift in Texas and produce value for our financiers, landowners, and grid drivers."

Nicolas Sanloup, President and DM, Linxon Americas, stated, "We are proud of our deep relationship with Available Power and are pleased to contribute to the development of a premier DER platform. The Greenport project is the accomplishment of months of collaborative work demonstrating our mutual commitment to a sustainable energy future."

This addition functions as a testament to the toughness and momentum behind the cooperation of Linxon and Available Power. The project scope consists of the layout, building, installment, as well as screening of all equipment needed for the BESS installation.

The actual work includes a 345/34.5 kV, 130 MVA step-up power transformer, 345kV AIS equipment, battery enclosures, inverter skid with combining transformer, inverter control system/EMS, as well as station auxiliary supply system.

The Greenport project is intended to be completed by the very first quarter of 2025. Available Power as well as Linxon will continue their journey increasing the energy change and also promoting sustainability in the Texas ERCOT market.

Linxon claimed that it has actually already protected accessibility to the needed equipment supply to deliver on the first tranche of 1,000+ MW front-of-meter project pipeline of Available Power in ERCOT market region.

Since December 2022, ERCOT had over 2.7 GW of set up battery capacity, meaning that Available Power pipe alone stands for a 37% rise with its 1 GW of new planned capacity.

Linxon said that an estimated 75% of the project pipe makes up distribution-connected battery systems with an ordinary dimension of 10 MW/ 20 MWh each, making the portfolio among the largest-ever battery fleets announced by a designer.

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