Lightyear One solar-powered e-car is to surpass power grid

Dec 5, 2019 06:22 PM ET
  • At first, Lightyear One was aimed at WSC. From the very beginning, the venture was seeking independence from charging points, and excellent efficiency along with design combining super aero dynamic properties and solar solution.
Lightyear One solar-powered e-car is to surpass power grid

To date, the developer is apparently planning a 135 thousand USD worth car model scheduled for 2021, based on identical targets. In accordance with EU records, Lightyear has raised €30m of private financing for the project. This is about one-fourth of the sum required for creation of the One.

Instead of several additional miles from being charged in the sunny area all the day long, Lightyear is claimed to provide extra 7.5 mi of driving distance from every hour of charging. Additionally, it may be quickly charged from direct current source at up to 60 kilowatts, on the Combined Charging System standard.

The developer states that, thanks to its extreme efficiency, the One’s is likely to surpass the power grid. This would eliminate the need for additional charge points and power stations. With this being said, the new car is likely to be more efficient compared to the best existing e-cars. Nowadays, these are Tesla-made vehicles.

Last month, Lightyear asserted that the One would be the most aerodynamic vehicle on the planet. It is claimed to boast a drag coefficient lower than 0.20.

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