Lightrock Power unveils 49MW UK solar play

Jan 11, 2021 05:38 PM ET
  • Examinations start for Leeming PV project found in the north of England
Lightrock Power unveils 49MW UK solar play
Image: Lightrock Power

UK solar programmer Lightrock Power has taken the covers off the 49MW Leeming solar between Leeming Bar and Scruton, in the north of England.

A number of environmental as well as feasibility researches have been carried out as well as Lightrock is now speaking with local individuals in the north Yorkshire area concerning the proposition ahead of sending a planning application in the springtime.

The project might provide adequate electrical power to power the equivalent of 15,000 homes or fee 19,000 electric automobiles annually, stated the firm.

There are also prepares to improve biodiversity on site by installing bird and bat boxes and enhancing regional vegetation utilizing native seed mix to bring in and other pests, it added.

Supervisor Chris Sowerbutts claimed: "This is an outstanding site for solar; it gets great deals of sunshine, is well evaluated, as well as has excellent gain access to.

" We're additionally truly delighted that we can attach on site to the local power network, indicating minimal disruption to the regional community. The Leeming Solar Farm will certainly aid the UK satisfy its 2050 net zero targets."