LG ESS introduces Home 8 residential battery

Sep 21, 2022 08:40 AM ET
  • LG Electronics has actually moved its focus in the solar industry entirely to its energy storage system, now that panel production has actually discontinued. The new Home 8 residential ESS was introduced this week at RE+.
LG ESS introduces Home 8 residential battery
Image: solarpowerworldonline.com

The LG Home 8 energy storage space system incorporates an inverter as well as NMC battery in a single unit that is floor-standing and wall-supported to supply an arranged, streamlined setup. Its 7.5-kW inverter/charger provides a total capacity of 14.4 kWh of usable on-demand energy as well as is stackable approximately four devices, which in combination allows as much as 57.6 kWh of usable energy.

Consumers who do not have solar however still have a TOU plan with their utility can still make use of the Home 8. The ESS can be made use of individually from the grid and also can bill throughout the daytime when electrical power rates are lower. Home 8 can then be utilized throughout optimal usage hours when prices boost. In preparation for possible natural disasters and power outages, Home 8 can save energy beforehand for later usage. The LED screen on the front of the system enables proprietors to inspect the estimated battery state of charge (SoC) and encourages mindfulness of power use during power outages.

When Home 8 is managed by LG's ThinQ surveillance and control app, house owners can pass on exactly how, where, and when the unit is utilized to make the most of efficiency, offering home owners the capacity to achieve pure self-reliance from the grid, and supplying them with far better control in managing their home energy demands.

LG Electronics additionally prepares to bring a commercial energy storage space system to market soon.

The LG Home 8 with LG Electronics is a separate entity from LG Energy Solution (previously LG Chem) and its LG RESU battery.

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