LG Energy Solution need to have new RESU battery version in Q1 2023

Sep 21, 2022 08:37 AM ET
  • LG Energy Solution (formerly LG Chem) has announced plans to introduce a new home battery in the very first quarter of 2023. The new prepared enhancement to the item lineup of home batteries will certainly provide a capacity of 10.6 to 35.4 kWh, depending on the variety of battery modules installed.
LG Energy Solution need to have new RESU battery version in Q1 2023
Image: solarpowerworldonline.com

Particularly, a single storage system with 3 modules delivers 10.6 kWh, which can be broadened up to five modules to provide a capacity of 17.7 kWh. The maximum capacity of 35.4 kWh can be accomplished by setting up 2 systems with 5 modules per system.

"The scalability has actually never ever been simpler. By including modules at any kind of point after the installation, property owners can scale up their energy storage space systems simply and effectively with very little initiative," stated Ryan Simpson, Sales Director of LG Energy Solution ESS Team in North America.

The new battery should call for just a few mins of input by one installer, thanks to making use of boltless structure and plug-and-play ports.

The RESU battery collection from LG Energy Solution is different from the new Home 8 battery from LG Electronics.

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