Leclanché LeBlock battery storage space selected for installment at German solar power plant

Apr 22, 2022 12:02 PM ET
  • Leclanché will offer an 11.9 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) for deployment at a utility-scale solar PV nuclear power plant near Kaiserslauten, Germany.
Leclanché LeBlock battery storage space selected for installment at German solar power plant
Image: Leclanché

The Switzerland-headquartered power storage space remedies business will supply a complete turnkey lithium-ion BESS, based on the LeBlock modular innovation platform it introduced to the international market in 2021.

German power optimization company Olmatic picked Leclanché's BESS for the project, which will do regularity policy solutions through the primary control reserve (PCR) market. PCR is a Europe-wide service, yet is procured and also supplied in your area.

Olmatic collaborate with nuclear power plant operators to find the best ways to increase the value of their possessions. In the case of the 5.6 MW Sembach PV plant which has actually been in operation because 2006, the metropolitan energy which has it can include the battery storage space to obtain incomes from assisting balance the grid.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) service provider FlexPowerHub, likewise a German company, is automating the BESS' participation in the ancillary service market, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) forecasting of neighborhood power need as well as manufacturing.

By prompting the system to automatically start to send power to the grid when grid regularity decreases-- either as a result of reduced renewable energy manufacturing or greater power need-- the nuclear power plant owner is not called for to have professional knowledge of the market or the battery innovation to be involved.

FlexPowerHub COO and also companion Martin Simmerstatter said the firm intended to make entrance right into the power stabilizing market-- which he called "very complicated"-- much easier for renewable energy plants as well as their owners as well as operators.

" By automating the whole procedure, power industry expertise is no longer needed-- this lowers the barrier to market entrance immensely. In combination with an innovative storage space system from Leclanché, profits can be produced on the unfavorable as well as on the favorable power balancing market. Furthermore, we optimize profits through DeepLearning forecasts as well as thus lower the amortisation period of a battery storage system," Simmerstatter said.

Initial German installment for LeBlock

Leclanché launched LeBlock in May 2021. The business declared at the time that its design, which comprises different BatteryBlock systems that can be piled with each other makes it plug and also play, suitable for setting up on site, in addition to easy to transport.

The business told Energy-Storage. news at the time of its launch that it was encouraged by the expanding market need for larger, greater voltage and also greater ranked capacity battery storage systems.

The BatteryBlocks are 5ft wide as well as come pre-installed as well as configured, with 4 blocks able to suit the footprint of a 20ft ISO typical container. It satisfies the various essential fire safety and transportation standards, Leclanché said.

BatteryBlocks each have water-cooled battery racks nicely fitted together with Leclanché's CombiBlocks, units that include the central cooling systems for thermal monitoring. At the launch, the business stated in the conventional configuration each of the BESS blocks fits as much as 745kWh of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, although it can be integrated with various battery types as well.

At the Sembach PV plant, Leclanché will certainly provide 16 BatteryBlocks, four CombiBlocks as well as a 8.78 MVA power conversion system (PCS) system for connection to the neighborhood 20kV/50Hz grid.

"Power storage space systems are tackling a vital duty in the power market with regard to the additional growth of renewable energy resources, protection of supply and also grid stability," Leclanché chief executive officer Anil Srivastava stated, including recommendations to various other European projects the business is providing LeBlock systems to in Germany and also the Netherlands.

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