Jinko is assured American authorities will decline Hanwha accusation

Nov 14, 2019 05:23 PM ET
  • Seoul-headquartered solar supplier Hanwha charges rivals in the United States, Germany and Australia with having violated its patent. In U.S., Jinko Solar – together with REC and Longi – have requested an intermediate review by USITC. Today, Jinko is expecting the judge to decide in its favor.
Jinko is assured American authorities will decline Hanwha accusation
Image: JinkoSolar

Jinko Solar is confident the law judge at the United States ITC will declare it has not encroached upon Hanwha Q-Cells patented invention. 

The inquiry follows an accusation by Korea-based corporation Hanwha asserting infringement of its exclusive technology by Jinko.

Administrative judge has accepted the China-based company’s application for a summary judgement and postponed proceedings for unspecified term. 

The arbiter has to decide if Hanwha has provided sufficient foundation to start a legal case. The summary judgement is to assure that either the action is not brought to court or the judge would deliver a judgement in favor of petitioner, in our case Jinko. 

Not Jinko alone, but REC as well as Longi Solar were charged by Hanwha with encroaching upon licenses in the United States. 

Hanwha filed a patent violation case against Jinko along with REC in Germany, as well as two lawsuits against them and Longi in the United States at the beginning of spring 2019. In its accusation, the Korea-based company claimed its competitors were making use of its licensed PV technology to maximize efficiency of own photovoltaic systems. 

Jinko strongly declines the claims and insists it doesn’t expect interruption of regular operation activities as a consequence of the investigation. Longi affirms it is doubtful whether the patents are valid. REC is going to investigate the precedent and start counteraction against claimer’s lawsuit. 

In the middle of March, Hanwha started another patent suit in Australia. 

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