Graphene-Powered Lithium-Ion Battery Of Nanotech Energy Survives Bullet Shot

Nov 21, 2022 11:51 AM ET
  • In the abuse test, despite the ferocious force of impact of the bullet, the battery did not catch fire as well as even still held a charge.

Nanotech Energy declared its batteries to be safe, long lasting as well as have an extreme operating temperature range of -40 ° C via to +60 ° C. Los Angeles based Nanotech Energy has actually held that the remarkable and also unprecedented non-flammable qualities of its 'graphene-powered batteries' have actually been demonstrated in a new abuse test. Nanotech has actually been focused on making non-flammable batteries for the portable and mobile electronic devices utilize.

As per Nanotech Energy, a Nanotech Graphene-Powered Lithium-Ion Battery 18650 cell was shot by a 4.5 BRA bullet at a speed of 2,917 feet per second. The result was that regardless of the ferocious force of influence, the battery did not catch fire and even still held a charge.

In contrast, a rival commercial battery 18650 cell shot by a 4.5 BRA bullet at a speed of 2,915 feet per 2nd immediately burst into flames as well as no more held a charge.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh, Chief Executive Officer and also Chairman of Nanotech Energy, stated, "In recent days and weeks, battery safety has been in the spotlight like never before. The current high-rise apartment fire in NYC is just among many fires that have actually been caused by typical lithium-ion batteries. Battery innovation is a significant part of the future of energy, however safety must be made paramount as we come to rely upon it extra as a culture. This is specifically why we are introducing safe battery remedies."

Efficiency Wise

The outcomes of the new abuse test strengthen earlier searchings for about Nanotech Graphene-Powered Lithium-Ion Batteries. In the summer of 2022, the batteries outshined typical lithium-ion batteries in 2 other tests.

In a nail test, typical lithium-ion batteries reached temperatures of 700 ° C in a fraction of a second. On the other hand, Nanotech Graphene-Powered Batteries stayed intact, without fire, no explosion, and also only a small hole in the battery cell.

In a warm test, both batteries were warmed to extreme temperatures. The typical lithium-ion battery experienced irreversible adjustment as well as entirely burned down at 150 ° C. On the other hand, when a Nanotech Graphene-Powered Battery was heated up to 150 ° C it kept its performance for nearly 2 hours. Also better warming the battery to 180 ° C created cell venting, but no fires or explosions.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh included: Nanotech is working throughout numerous markets to enable electrification where safety and security is most critical. Our non-flammable batteries can entirely transform customer electronic devices, electric lorries, home and also fixed energy storage space, drones, as well as the marine industry."

Nanotech Energy declared its batteries to be safe, long lasting and also have an extreme operating temperature variety of -40 ° C through to +60 ° C. Nanotech stated that it can give samples of graphene-powered battery cells in different pouch cell as well as cylindrical styles.

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