Germany's VoltStorage earns licences for Greek battery installations

Jan 5, 2023 01:16 PM ET
  • German energy storage space specialist VoltStorage GmbH has actually obtained licences to set up three battery energy storage facilities in Greece, allowing it to inject 156 MW of capacity right into the grid.
Germany's VoltStorage earns licences for Greek battery installations
Image: VoltStorage

The licences were awarded on Wednesday by Greece's Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE).

Particularly, VoltStorage has been authorised to construct a system of up to 55.5 MW and also a shot power of 49 MW in Dokos, located in the Rhodope regional unit of the East Macedonia as well as Thrace region. In Kazani, Western Macedonia area, it will certainly install a 111-MW battery facility to infuse as much as 92.7 MW right into the grid. The project is called Asvestopetra II.

The tiniest of the three allowed projects is Ag Anna I, which envisages the installation of battery devices amounting to 11.1 MW that will have a maximum shot power of 9.7 MW. The center will certainly be positioned in Viotia, Central Greece.

Developed in 2016, VoltStorage establishes and creates fixed flow batteries based on vanadium redox flow innovation for business and farming services. The Munich-based company takes into consideration the innovation an alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

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