GCL Achieves Record Perovskite Efficiency

Dec 5, 2023 02:04 PM ET
  • GCL sets the bar high in perovskite tandem module development with its new record in conversion efficiency. Optimized light trapping structure & adjusted band gap of device layer make it possible.

GCL reportedly achieved the conversion efficiency through the optimization of the light trapping structure and the adjustment of the band gap of the device layer. The new achievement is a significant step forward in the development of perovskite tandem modules.

What Improvements Led to GCL's Record Perovskite Tandem Module Efficiency?

  • Optimization of light trapping structure - This included increasing the tandem module’s light absorption and efficiency by optimizing the thickness of the top and bottom layers.
  • Adjustment of the band gap of the device layer - The band gap of the device layer was adjusted to reduce the non-radiative recombination losses, improving the module’s battery efficiency.
  • Improved device architecture - Additionally, the device architecture was improved to reduce the resistance of the electron transportation, boosting the conversion efficiency of the modules.
  • Use of high-efficiency perovskite materials - GCL also utilized high-efficiency perovskite materials to further enhance the module’s efficiency.
  • Optimized interface - Finally, an optimized interface between the top and bottom perovskite layers was designed to reduce current losses and improve the module’s energy conversion rate.

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