Fujitsu, AutoGrid to Boost Renewable Energy utilize in Japan With VPP Remedy

Apr 6, 2021 07:15 AM ET
  • Fujitsu will certainly start offering Autogrid Virtual Power Plant (VPP) service in Japan under a brand-new collaboration arrangement.

Fujitsu Limited and also AutoGrid Systems have actually revealed that Fujitsu will certainly begin using Autogrid's Virtual Power Plant (VPP) option in the Japanese market. Fujitsu will certainly leverage the solution to maximise the use of dispersed power resources in the domestic power market and also add to the development of renewable energy and also the realisation of a decarbonised society. Based upon the agreement, Fujitsu will begin selling the VPP remedy 'AutoGrid FlexTM' in the Japanese market as an AutoGrid partner.

The AutoGrid FlexTM makes it possible for the optimisation of energy procedures as well as the control and also monitoring of dispersed energy sources. By offering this option to power companies as well as collectors, Fujitsu intends to add to the realisation of next-generation energy systems to maximise using renewable energy resources, such as solar power, and also dispersed power sources, such as storage batteries. Moving forward, it has plans to increase its capacities in the area of power information exercise to achieve real-time, high-precision, optimised control of distributed energy sources, dramatically enhancing the value of power sources managed by energy companies and also collectors.

" Dispersed energy resources were introduced in Japan to advertise grid resiliency yet it often shows challenging to predict and readjust the amount of power supplied. Power carriers, collectors as well as grid operators have actually begun developing VPP systems to run power successfully as well as to reply to the broadening power trading market," stated Michiaki Morioka, Head of Utility Business Division, Fujitsu. "By making use of Fujitsu's solid collaboration with consumers in the energy sector along with AutoGrid's experience of releasing VPP services globally, this partnership will certainly add to the creation of an industry-wide next-generation energy system."

Virtual Power Plant

An online power plant (VPP) is a cloud-based distributed power plant that accumulations the capabilities of heterogeneous distributed power sources (DER) for the objectives of enhancing power generation, along with trading or offering power on the electrical energy market.

It is a system that integrates numerous types of power sources to offer a reputable total power supply. The sources usually develop a cluster of various sorts of dispatchable and non-dispatchable, manageable or flexible load (CL or FL) distributed generation (DG) systems that are controlled by a central authority and can include microCHPs, all-natural gas-fired reciprocating engines, small-scale wind power plants (WPP) s, photovoltaics (PVs), run-of-river hydroelectricity plants, little hydro, biomass, back-up generators, as well as energy storage space systems (ESS).

Operated using IoT innovation, a VPP has the capacity to supply peak load electricity or load-following power generation on short notice. Therefore making a VPP, an excellent substitute for a traditional power plant while giving greater efficiency and even more flexibility.

AutoGrid aims to increase its business in Japan with its VPP modern technologies, supplying Fujitsu with VPP remedies that make it possible for the exercise of multi-functional, flexible, as well as distributed energy sources that are suitable for the Japanese market.

" AutoGrid aims to increase its VPP visibility in Japan by offering Fujitsu with services that press the utilisation of flexible DERs to the following level," stated Amit Narayan, Owner & Chief Executive Officer, AutoGrid. "We already see a wonderful openness to grid advancement in the Japanese market, as well as this partnership paves the way for a lot more efficient, smart and also clean power systems to take hold."

Going forward, both companies will proceed leveraging their corresponding toughness to promote the introduction of renewable energy and also contribute to the realisation of a much more sustainable society by providing solutions that contribute to the stable as well as efficient use of distributed power sources.