Exploring backsheets as well as ultraviolet security

May 12, 2020 01:49 PM ET
  • 5 screening labs led by Germany's Fraunhofer ISE have actually started a 'round robin' project to check the impacts of ultraviolet light on polymer backsheet products. Preliminary outcomes show a course to exact increased screening of backsheet UV security over module life times of 20 years-plus.
Exploring backsheets as well as ultraviolet security
Image: NIST

Historically among one of the most troublesome parts within PV components, backsheets have actually been observed to deteriorate in outside problems as well as, oftentimes, to stop working entirely, causing significant losses for capitalists and also highlighting the significance of thorough screening of such products.

The impact of ultraviolet light on backsheet polymers is a significant reason for deterioration as it drives 'yellowing', which decreases backsheet reflective efficiency in addition to triggering various other issues.

The results of UV light are currently the emphasis of a 'round robin' research including 5 screening labs. The laboratories are working together to enhance understanding of the communications in between UV rays and also the polymers utilized in PV backsheets, and also to create procedures for increased screening of UV direct exposure.


The research has actually been arranged by Germany's Fraunhofer ISE, with examinations additionally performed at the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan, South Korea's FITI Testing & Research Institute as well as the U.S.-based Atlas Ametek and also National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The labs are checking out the residential properties of 10 backsheets sourced from a number of vendors, done in mix with the exact same solar glass as well as EVA-based encapsulant. The backsheet vendors have actually not been recognized, neither the certain structure of the products researched, as well as the resulting paper suggests a few of the products were made to have weak UV resistance in order to much better check out the destruction devices at the office.

The example backsheets were evaluated under various lights as well as a 'yellowing index' was determined as an indication of UV destruction. The preliminary outcomes are released in the paper Round-robin weathering examination of different polymeric back-sheets for PV components with various ultraviolet irradiations as well as example temperature levels, released underway in Photovoltaics.

The screening exposed significant distinctions in outcomes in between labs which were credited to distinctions in spooky UV irradiation and also example temperature level, in addition to feasible mistakes in the control UV dimensions. The researchers entailed strategy to release additional understandings from the round of screening in a follow-up paper as well as kept in mind, for future screening, considering example temperature levels would certainly give more chances to precisely increase UV deterioration procedures.

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