EV Charging Stations To Be Seen On Google Map

Dec 20, 2019 07:58 AM ET
  • A new filter feature has been added on Google map. The filter can now classify Electric vehicle charging stations depending on the plug available. Note that different manufacturers use varying charging connectors. For instance Nissan utilizes CHADEMO while VW and BMW use CCS plug. On the other hand, TESLA uses its own instrumentation in charging cars.
EV Charging Stations To Be Seen On Google Map
Image: saurenergy.com

According to Gizmo China, the EV (See Top EV Stocks) search facility is available on Google Maps, it will now become easier for the users to filter the results depending on the type of connector in use. 

This is certainly a sigh of relief to drivers since it will make it easier and allow them to drive their cars to the nearest charging station for a refill. Besides, using the new feature is easy. Once on Google maps, all you need to do is to click on settings, then electrical vehicle settings and insert the name of your plug. You will then choose the connector and save. 

According to statistics released by Google Maps, already over ten million miles of street views have been captured. This is an enormous distance that can circle the globe 400 times. It disclosed that Google Earth is already allowing searchers to browse over 36 million square miles of the satellite (High definition). Also, it is now covering about 98 % of the population. 

In February, Google maps introduced the EV charging feature but it launched a global EV charging station in October and December 2018. It rolled and availed the feature to Android users in India

To find a station near you, all you need to do is to click on the app and search EV charging station or EV charging. You will also see the information concerning the location of the station. Besides, it will display the number of ports available, charging speed and the ports available. It allows you to pick one that is compatible with your car. So it is now easier to filter the results based on the types of plugs your car uses.