Demand IQ releases sales canvassing application with "Solar Preview"

Apr 18, 2023 03:49 PM ET
  • Demand IQ has actually announced the launch of Hero, a canvassing app developed solely for the solar market to enhance the homeowner experience and assistance solar sales reps sell more projects. Hero produces customized color reports as well as qualification insights to provide a much better at-the-door experience, bring about more consultations as well as improved consumer education and learning.
Demand IQ releases sales canvassing application with "Solar Preview"

" Hero offers sales reps the capacity to enhance homeowner interest in photovoltaic panels, while making a lasting impact," stated Austin Rosenbaum, Demand IQ CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER. "We're enjoyed put the transparency of our online solar shopping tools in the hands of sales reps throughout America."

Typically, area sales apps have actually only focused on data tracking and failed to attend to the homeowner experience. Much of the solar industry still makes use of the outdated clipboard approach to door-to-door solar sales, which has actually led to fragmented data collection, inconsistent experiences, and also shoddy interior handoffs between setters and closers. In contrast, Hero provides a modern-day and also smart remedy to enhancing the door-to-door sales experience for both sales reps as well as homeowners, while likewise providing powerful capabilities for data tracking.

"The key with canvassing is to catch their interest as well as stand out. If you provide the exact same pitch as every person else, homeowners are mosting likely to tell you to leave. This provides us something unique," claimed Myles Vincent, a representative from Fuzion Energy.

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