CERC Approves Tariff for 480 MW Solar PV Projects

Aug 6, 2020 09:12 PM ET
  • SECI's trading margin of Rs.0.07/ kWh has likewise been approved

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has actually approved an application submitted by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) for authorization of power acquisition agreement (PPA) tariff as well as SECI's trading margin up for sale of power from 480 MW grid-connected solar PV jobs.

The power will be bought by Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited, North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited as well as South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited. GRT Jewellers India Pvt. Ltd. had been awarded a capability of 150 MW at a tariff of Rs.2.53/ kWh and SBE Renewable Sixteen Pvt. Ltd. had been awarded 330 MW capacity at a tariff of Rs.2.65/ kWh, by SECI.

SECI had submitted that the CERC authorize prior tariffs along with its trading margin of Rs.0.07/ kWh which it had equally settled on with the distribution companies (DISCOMs) of Bihar.

While undergoing the entries made CERC found the tariffs to be competitive. The payment additionally did not elevate any kind of issue relating to SECI's trading margin. Payment found every little thing to be complying of the standards concerning the tariff.

However, the CERC elevated an argument; "intermediary procurer is called for to inform the compensation about the initiation of the bidding procedure. However, SECI did not educate the commission pertaining to initiation of bidding process."

In its order the CERC specified that because SECI has actually undertaken that it will certainly ahead the intimation pertaining to bidding process initiation, it must conform in the future.

In one more choice, the CERC accepted the request submitted by Pranurja Solutions Ltd, a business advertised by BSE, PTC Ltd and also ICICI Bank, to establish the third power exchange in India after Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and also Power Exchange India Limited (PXIL).

Just recently, CERC released a show cause notice to Global Energy Private Limited (GEPL), a category 1 interstate electricity trading permit owner, concerning default in settlement of charges for 2 succeeding financial years.

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