Borrego Solar Launches Platform for Solar, Battery Storage Procurement

Sep 14, 2022 11:24 AM ET
  • Anza simplifies the procurement process, conserving time and money as well as making it possible for customers to acknowledge much better project returns.
  • Anza's new innovation gives modeling and analytics based on customer-submitted project information to provide the financially attractive tools alternatives for developers, independent power producers (IPPs), and design, procurement as well as construction (EPC) firms.

USA-based Borrego Solar has released a solar as well as battery storage procurement marketplace and optimization solution called 'Anza'. The exclusive innovation engine behind the Anza digital industry is a cost and performance modeling software that recognizes one of the most enhanced solar module and storage parts based on customer-provided project details. Borrego Solar is a leading EPC as well as O&M company for large-scale solar and also energy storage projects in the U.S.A..

Borrego stated that through Anza, customers purchase modules and also battery equipment, leveraging Borrego's supplier partnerships as well as favorable rates, warranty and also delivery terms.

Borrego likewise held that Anza's new modern technology provides modeling and also analytics based upon customer-submitted project information to supply the financially attractive tools alternatives for designers, independent power producers (IPPs), and also engineering, procurement as well as construction (EPC) business. Likewise, drawing from existing equipment availability and also pricing from certified providers, Anza provides current internet present value (NPV) ranking reports based on these aspects, project inputs, and devices performance.

Aaron Hall, President of Borrego and also Anza, stated, "Rather than seeking and also locking in the expenses of modules and also storage devices long before they require the products, Anza clients can now see how much any kind of module or battery deserves to a project in real-time when they need it. Anza simplifies the procurement procedure, saving money and time as well as enabling customers to acknowledge far better project returns."

The platform connects distributors of solar and also energy storage devices with customers to discover project-specific options. Solar module and power storage vendors have arrangements with Anza to make sure a prompt delivery of items to the customer, reducing shipping and also project delays triggered by today's unstable supply chain. Advancing performance, the procurement process, logistics monitoring, freight, warehousing and also shipment are all managed within Anza.

A Platform to Reckon With

Borrego additionally claimed that to use Anza, consumers submit project-specific information to receive a long listing of vetted solar modules or energy storage equipment rated by internet present value based upon their custom inputs. Clients always have actionable, high-value choices that are updated in real-time.

Mike Hall, Chief Executive Officer of Borrego and Anza, mentioned, "With our pre-vetted devices, pre-negotiated contract terms, and also acquiring power at the gigawatt-scale yearly, we've seen customers lock in very attractive deals promptly. We conserve them considerable quantities of time as well as we have actually seen increases in their project values to the tune of numerous thousands of dollars per project utilizing Anza."

Anza already has considerable market traction with virtually 250 projects and also 8 GW in the application. In addition, clients have actually acquired 1.7 GW of solar modules as well as energy storage tools, with single orders as large as 350 MW. The firm estimates that 90% of solar modules offered in the U.S. as well as key storage distributors are already part of the Anza service.

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