BIPV panels covering an entire building in Taiwan

Jan 19, 2022 02:35 PM ET
  • The Sun Rock structure is possessed by Taiwan's power utility Taipower. It was covered with 4,000 square meters of PV panels deployed by Dutch architectural firm MVRDV.
BIPV panels covering an entire building in Taiwan
Image: MVRDV

Dutch architectural company MVRDV has created and also released a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system on a structure had by Taiwan's state-owned power energy Taipower.

" We cladded the entire façade with photovoltaics, taking full advantage of the power gains to make it not just self-sustainable, for its own use, yet also enabling the structure to become a device of power manufacturing, exporting electricity to the remainder of the grid," stated MVRDV establishing partner Winy Maas.

The Sun Rock building lies at the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, near Taichung, and also its primary purpose is for the storage as well as upkeep of lasting energy tools. "The website for Taipower's brand-new center gets a substantial quantity of solar direct exposure throughout the year, and so the rounded shape of Sun Rock is designed to make best use of how much of that sunlight can be used for energy," MVRDV stated in a declaration.

According to the firm, the solar array is subjected to greater radiation on the southern side throughout the middle of the day, while electrical power generation is made the most of by the north side in the mornings and nights.

The BIPV system was constructed with a series of pleats that support photovoltaic panels and also the modules mixed in with windows, where called for, on their upper surface area.

" The angle of these pleats is readjusted on all parts of the façade to take full advantage of the energy-generating potential of the solar panels," MVRDV explained. "As a result of these procedures, the structure can support at least 4,000 square meters of PV panels that would certainly generate almost 1 million kilowatt-hours of clean power each year."

No more technological details on the project were revealed.

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