Ausgrid Launches Community Battery in New South Wales

May 22, 2024 10:06 AM ET
  • Unlocking the power of community energy storage in North Epping, Ausgrid's innovative project boosts grid reliability and supports sustainable energy solutions.

Ausgrid has launched a community battery energy storage system in North Epping, New South Wales, with a capacity of 250-kW/535-kWh. The facility will store excess solar power from homes and feed it back into the grid during peak demand periods. This initiative is part of the federal government's Community Batteries for Household Solar Programme and is Ausgrid's third project under the scheme.

The North Epping BESS will support energy security, grid reliability, and ease pressure on the grid. Ausgrid's CEO, Marc England, stated that with the right regulatory settings, they could deliver more than 1 GW-2 GW of storage across their network, enhancing electricity system security and reliability for customers. The company partnered with the Hornsby Shire Council for this project.

How will Ausgrid's community battery in North Epping benefit the electricity system?

  • Reducing strain on the electricity grid during peak demand periods
  • Increasing energy security and grid reliability
  • Supporting the integration of renewable energy sources like solar power
  • Providing a more stable and efficient electricity system for customers
  • Demonstrating the potential for widespread deployment of community battery energy storage systems across the network

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