Altus Power Acquires Operating Solar Portfolio in Georgia

Oct 7, 2020 10:15 PM ET
  • Altus Power America, Inc. ("Altus Power") has completed the procurement of a 4-megawatt operating solar profile comprised of four single-axis tracker projects and one fixed-tilt project. The projects offer tidy, renewable energy to Georgia Power. The solar projects generate around 6.5 million kilowatt hrs of electrical power every year, enough power to power 540 homes. The portfolio was obtained from Beltline Energy, LLC.
Altus Power Acquires Operating Solar Portfolio in Georgia

"This procurement shows Altus Power's capability to structure a complex deal to maximize Beltline's purposes. The procurement of the Beltline properties, along with the critical purchase of a considerable variety of C&I-scale operating solar assets over the past 18 months, solidifies Altus Power's position as a competitive purchaser of solar properties throughout the United States. In addition to the procurement of running projects, Altus Power continues to develop C&I-scale solar assets throughout the nation," stated Sean Rheuben, Managing Director of Altus Power.

"Altus Power was a great partner in this purchase and demonstrated a strong understanding of the complexities of renewable energy funding together with expertise in solar operations. Beltline has established numerous profiles with many teams over the years, as well as Altus Power attracts attention in its know-how, along with its adherence to being a practical and also dependable counterparty. Beltline proceeds as a leader in establishing solar profiles in the Southeast and we eagerly anticipate even more deals with Altus Power," stated Stephen Elkind, Managing Partner of Beltline Energy.

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