Aiko Solar to achieve 45 GW of production capacity in 3 years

Jan 15, 2020 02:39 PM ET
  • Aiko Solar Energy is inclined to considerably increase the production capacity of its plants over the coming three years.
Aiko Solar to achieve 45 GW of production capacity in 3 years
Image: Aiko Solar

By the end of this year, Aiko Solar Energy Technology plans to grow production of photovoltaic cells from the current 9.2 gigawatts up to 22 gigawatts of capacity. 

Over the following year, this value is expected to rise 10 gigawatts more, reaching the capacity of 32 gigawatts by the turn of the year 2021/2022. 

Aiko Solar targeting solar cell production capacity to reach 45GW by the end of 2022.

One more year later, the production capacity of the company’s facilities is predicted to be equal to 45 gigawatts, adding another 13 gigawatts during the year 2022.

The PV cells manufacturer has succeeded in achieving smooth cell production of the second phase of Yiwu and the first phase of Tianjin. These facilities were created to expand the company’s production capacity in 2019. The fabs allow cell manufacturing from 210- and 166-milimiter wafers of P type mono c-Si, which is the biggest existing size available today. 

Besides, Aiko is going to continue expanding its research and development activities over the years to come. Other plans include improving smart manufacturing and management at every production unit. 

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