Solar Manufacturing News

Recom's Lion 450-W: The Game-Changing All-Black Solar Module
Introducing the Lion 450-W bifacial solar panel by Recom Technologies - an all-black design with a silver frame, offering a 30-year warranty and up to 20% more energy yield in low-light conditions. Experience reliability and quality with this efficient module.
Feb 8, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Recom, solar module
REC Silicon Halts Polysilicon Production in Butte, Cuts Workforce
REC Silicon, a leading Norwegian polysilicon producer, will halt production at its Butte plant in Montana due to electricity supply and demand issues. The company will focus on its silicon gases business instead.
Feb 8, 2024 // Manufacturing News, polysilicon, REC Silicon, Butte
Naturgy Partners with LONGi for Massive Solar Project in Spain
Renewables developer Naturgy partners with LONGi for solar modules in Spain, showcasing their ambition for renewables and the efficiency of LONGi's technology in competing with traditional power sources.
Feb 6, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Spain, Europe, Naturgy, Solar Project
LONGi and Naturgy Partner to Power Spain's Solar Revolution
LONGi's solar modules will power Naturgy's 2024 solar projects in Spain, offering efficient performance and durability in high heat conditions. A long-term partnership that showcases technological leadership.
Feb 5, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Commercial, Spain, Europe, LONGi, Solar Project
3S Swiss Solar Unveils State-of-the-Art PV Module Factory
3S Swiss Solar Solutions expands with a new PV module production facility in Worb, Switzerland, boosting capacity and paving the way for future growth in the solar industry.
Jan 30, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Europe, Switzerland, PV module, 3S Swiss Solar
Perovskia Revolutionizes Indoor Solar with New Factory Launch
Perovskia revolutionizes solar technology with its million-perovskite solar device factory, offering high efficiency, durability, and compliance with industry standards.
Jan 30, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Europe, Switzerland, Perovskia
Reliance-Backed NexWafe to Revolutionize US Solar Manufacturing
German solar startup NexWafe GmbH, backed by Reliance, plans to expand its solar wafer manufacturing capacity in the US, taking advantage of incentives and aiming to reduce production costs with its innovative EpiNex technology.
Jan 29, 2024 // Manufacturing News, USA, North America, nexwafe, Reliance, epinex, RSEL
First Solar Expands Ohio Manufacturing and Distribution Footprint
First Solar expands its manufacturing footprint in Ohio with a new distribution center, aiming to achieve 14 GW of US solar manufacturing capacity by 2026.
Jan 26, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, First Solar
Enel Subsidiary 3Sun Secures €560M for Solar Manufacturing Boost in Italy
Italian solar module manufacturing subsidiary 3Sun secures €560 million in financing for its Sicily plant, boosting Italy's manufacturing sector. The move comes as Germany faces challenges in solar manufacturing, highlighting opportunities in other parts of the EU.
Jan 25, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, Italy, Enel, Europe, HJT Solar
GameChange Solar Unveils 2.5-GW Tracker Factory in Brazil
GameChange Solar expands its operations with a new tracker factory in Brazil, capable of producing 2.5 GW of solar capacity. The facility offers training, service, and technical support for the Genius Tracker model, with plans to supply equipment to other Latin American countries.
Jan 24, 2024 // Manufacturing News, South america, Brazil, tracker, GameChange
Huasun Wuxi Unveils World's First 3.6GW HJT Solar Cell Factory
Huasun's 3.6GW HJT Solar Cell Project in Xishan District marks a major milestone in the industry, with plans to exceed 26% efficiency and establish Xishan as a photovoltaic hub.
Jan 23, 2024 // Manufacturing News, solar cell, efficiency, Huasun, Wuxi
First Solar Expands Ohio Operations with New Distribution Hub
First Solar is making strategic moves to increase production capacity in Ohio, with plans for a new distribution centre, expanded module production, and a research and development centre. Their goal is to achieve a 14 GW production footprint in the US by 2026.
Jan 22, 2024 // Manufacturing News, USA, First Solar, North America, Ohio
Meyer Burger Halts German Plant, Shifts Focus to US
Swiss solar tech company Meyer Burger shifts focus to the US, closing its German manufacturing site and anticipating significant profits in the American market.
Jan 18, 2024 // Manufacturing News, USA, Germany, Europe, meyer burger, North America
Vertical Panels: The Future of Solar Farming in the US
Next2Sun's agrivoltaics projects bring vertical solar panels to the US, maximizing land use and offering protection for crops and soil health. Collaboration with iSun in Vermont marks a new milestone.
Jan 17, 2024 // Technology, Manufacturing News, USA, Germany, Europe, PV module, North America, startup, Next2Sun
LG Electronics Unveils First US Factory for Advanced EV Chargers
LG Electronics opens first US factory for EV charging stations, boosting America's charging infrastructure. New tech jobs and revenue opportunities await in North Texas.
Jan 16, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Storage, USA, North America, LG Electronics, EV charger